Sometimes you may feel lost and confused about how to proceed with your life and how to handle difficult situations. If you have serious questions about your future relating to anything such as career, love life, marriage, relationships, health etc. you should consult the right astrologer to find out answers to all your concerns. Astrology is an ancient science which involves the study of movements of celestial objects and their relative positions as a means to find out information about likely events in the future of an individual.Astrology believes in the fact that we are all connected with each other including the divine and universal energy patterns. It aims to decipher these connections by studying the movement of various celestial objects like the sun, moon, earth and all other planets and compares them with the birth chart of an individual to determine his/her future

Right Astrologer

In olden days, astrologers used to manually draw your birth chart with help of pencil and paper. Nowadays there are advanced software available which can instantly and accurately draw your birth charts based on your birth date, time and location. Online astrologers make use of such software along with instant chat programs to connect with their clients and are available anytime. Hence it is easier for users to consult these online astrologers at the comfort of their home.

When you are planning to get an astrology reading online, you should ask some basic questions to yourself to know if you are consulting with the right astrologer. Astrologers can be of different categories and not all of them will be able to provide the correct answer tosolve your problems. Henceit is very important to choose the right astrologer since he is the one who is going to interpret your birth chart, guide your spirit and help you in making important decisions in your life. There are chances where individuals could be misled by wrong astrology readings given by an inexperienced astrologer. There are plenty of online astrologers available and they vary a lot based on their experience and skill levels. Also each astrologer might follow a different approach in viewing your birth chart. You should explain your problems very clearly and ask the right questions so that your astrologer can interpret your birth chart accordingly and give you the accurate readings.

You should ensure whether the astrologer whom you are consulting is qualified enough to give you the most accurate readings based on your birth chart. Also you should be able to connect to him psychologically and feel his energy based on your intuition. In order to make sure that you are consulting the right astrologer, you should ask these basic questions to him/her.

  1. What is your educational qualification and have you done any professional certification or course work on Astrology?
  2. What is your experience and how long have you been practicing astrology?
  3. What is your area of specialization in astrology? Do you specialize in relationships, money matters, careers or health?
  4. What are your real-life experiences and who are your clients?
  5. Have your readings helped your previous clients in the past? Can you provide references for the same?
  6. What are the important things you emphasize while providing an astrology reading?
  7. How do you read a birth chart and what are the important points you infer from a birth chart? Do you follow a holistic approach or focus on specific areas only?
  8. Do you have a brochure or personal website where I can find the testimonials of your previous clients?
  9. Are you accredited by any recognized astrological organizations?
  10. How much do you charge for an astrology reading and do youprovide any money back guarantee?

You should find the answers to all these questions before you consult an online astrologer. Some astrologers specialize in relationships that you can consult regarding issues in your love life, marriage or other personal relationships.There are some financial astrologers who specialize in money matters. You can consult them before making any important decisions likeproperty investments, changing your job etc. You should choose the astrologer based on the purpose you are seeking the reading after carefully evaluating their area of expertise.  You should also ask them about specific techniques they use for making the astrology reading like Lunar Nodes, Progressions, Relocation charts, solar arcs, solar returns etc. You can also check if they provide any sample readings to get an understanding of their expertise. You should also ask for testimonials and references of their past clients so that you can ask them about their experiences


Another important point you should consider while consulting an online astrologer is to ensure that they have strict confidentiality and privacy agreement. Since you may have to discuss some personal issues with your astrologer, you should make sure that you are consulting a reliable and trusted person by verifying the testimonials of their previous clients. You should be cautious about fake astrologers who promote themselves with ridiculously low prices for their readings. Such astrologersoften make false promises like they can make your future bright or remove all your curses or make you rich quickly etc. You should never consult with such fake or inexperienced astrologerswho are not qualified enough to provide accurate readings. Also you should be always open and discuss your issues frankly with your astrologer in order to get the correct reading.