Lal Kitab Tips For Children,Journey,Diseases,Routine Life,Happiness

Precautions For The Happiness Of Family

(1) Keep away 3 morsels of food from your plate to  be offered to cow, crow and dog.

(2) In order to escape from the mischiefs of Rahu it is advised to eat the food where it had been cooked.

(3) Offer sweet chapaties to animals equal to the total members of the family + the number of guests (approximately and 2 4 extra chapatles). Make sure that the amount of chapaties should not be less; the size could be reduced.

(4) Keep some water in a vessel below bed before retiring to sleep. Drop the water in the morning in the place where it is not disgraced.

(5) Human behaviour is governed by the planetary movements. It shall be extremely dangerous to act against it.

Tips for Children

(1) If first child dies then it is advised that a red thread should be tied on the woman’s arm soon after she conceives. Remove the thread from the arm when the child is born and tie to the new born child. A fresh thread should be tied on the mother’s arm and it should continue there for 18 months.

(2) Worship Lord Ganesha.

(3) Offering morsel of food from the plate to the cow
is highly beneficial.

 (4) Keep milk in a container, take some other object too like Jaggery (khand) or anything else in paper bag or any other container. Let the expectant mother touch the objects to be donated. Soon after the child birth the container should be sent to a temple. Be careful that the container should not be taken back. The utility of the container affects the result.

(5) If Rahu is weak in the annual horoscope it is advised to keep barley (Jau) water in a bottle before the child is born. It shall help in smooth birth of the child.

(6) Roast sweet chapati in tandoor (not on tawa) during the day and offer it to dog.

(7) If the person does not have children or the children pass away soon after the birth, then it is advisable to roast salty chapaties instead of sweet ones and feed dogs.

(8) A child born in a religious place shall enjoy long life.

(9) It is auspicious to keep the male puppy in the house which was born alone; it shall cause prosperity to the house.

(10) When Mars and Saturn are placed together in a house then the person begets his own children at the right age but grandchildren are born rather late.

(11) The child has a long life if a male planet is placed with Moon.

(12) If there is Ketu or a wicked planet in the fifth house then the child may die.

(13) There are a number of obstacles in marriage and children if Venus, Mercury and Mars are placed in the 3rd house, and 9th and  11th houses are vacant.

(14) The person’s child shall not survive if Sun is in the 6th, Mars in the 10th and Moon is in the 11th house.

(15) The woman shall be barren if Venus is placed in the 2nd house and the 6th house is vacant.

(16) The person begets a male child when Jupiter is placed in 1 4th house and Mercury in 9 12 house.

(17) The person has a son when Mars is in 1 4, Jupiter in 5 8 and Mercury in 9 12 houses.

(18) The natal has a female child when Mars is in 1 4, Mercury in 5 8 and Jupiter in 9 12.

(19) Daughter is born if Jupiter is in 1 4, Mercury in 5 8, and Mars in 9 12.

(20) Son is born if Mars is in 1 4, Mercury in 9 12, but the father is not well off.


Air flight is predicted through Jupiter and sea voyage through Moon. The journey in general or any such changes are studied from the position of Ketu.

(1) If the 8th house is weak the person shall undertake a journey after a promotion.

(2) The natal shall spend his life away from his relatives if 8th house in his horoscope is vacant.

(3) If Jupiter is well placed, there shall be no change of town; at the most he may be transferred to a different branch in the same town for betterment.

(4) There shall be an order for journey which will be cancelled later if there is any planet placed in the 12th house.

(5) If the 1st house is placed well then the person shall surely shift to different town. It is not necessary that he shifts on promotion; he may even have to shift over due to illness but the shifting shall be eventually fruitful.

Precautions for the Happiness of Family 213

(6) If the 2nd and the 6th house are favourable, the person shall live a happy life with his family. He shall be promoted but not necessarily transferred. If there is a journey then it shall be beneficial.

Useful Tips for Selecting a Suitable Bridegroom

(1) A person is likely to abandon his wife and children in his youth, if Saturn is placed in the I Ith house.

(2) If Saturn is placed in the 2nd house, the bridegroom shall not be auspicious for bride’s family.

(3) If Mercury and Rahu are together placed in the 3rd or the 8th or the 12th house of bridegroom, it shall not be favourable for the bride’s family.

(4) The man may be impotent if Venus and Ketu are together placed in the Lagna.

(5) If Sun is in the 6th, Mars in the 10th, Moon in the Lagna, Jupiter in the 11th house, then the person is likely to squander away all his wealth in the activities of sexual vices. A similar situation is faced if Jupiter or Venus is in the 10th house and Jupiter or Moon are placed in the Lagna.

Some Tips for Routine Life

(1) The Saturn in the 6th house can give good, evil or mixed effect. If the result are negative, the person should drop coconut and walnut in flowing water.

(2) While living in a joint family, if father suffers in his health and profession due to evil impact of Jupiter and Saturn then it is advisable to keep pure gold and saffron in the house.

(3) Keep a silver plate in the house if Jupiter and Moon are giving evil effect in the matters of health and wealth. A silver plate could also be hid in a hole dug in a corner of the house.

(4) The combination of Jupiter Moon is not good. The person might be benefited in business and contractorship. To avoid evil effects, objects related to Ketu should be buried in ground.

(5) It is advisable to give financial aid to daughter, bahu, maternal uncle and sweeper if Jupiter and Moon are placed in the 1 Ith house.

(6) The combination of Jupiter and Venus is inauspicious. It is advised to make clay toys or indulge in laying mud on roads, i.e. business of road construction may be profitable.

(7) Women should wear gold on ear to overcome the evil effects of the combination of Jupiter Venus which effects the destiny adversely. A business related to Venus shall. be good for both Jupiter as well as Venus. Although the change may not be very noticeable but the person shall get the help from some source when it shall be required the most, at the time of distress.

(8) Venus and Jupiter placed in the 8th house do not give financial gains. The person should opt for the business related to concrete and mud. The business of road construction, house or toys shall be profitable.

(9) Jupiter and Venus placed in the 10th house are very inauspicious for atheist. It is suggested to have faith in God and perform some religious task.

(10) The person should completely abstain from alcohol if Saturn and Venus are placed in the 5th house.

(11) It is advisable to awaken the planet under whose aspect the combination of Saturn and Jupiter falls.

(12) Jupiter shall not give beneficial results when it is placed with Saturn. If they are placed in the 12th  house and give evil effect then it is advised to please Saturn.

(13) Planet placed in the 6th house of the annual horoscope adversely affect the health of the natal. He should donate objects related to it.

(14) If the 3rd and the 5th house are vacant then the 9th house can be awakened by means of 2nd house.

(1 5) The 4th house shall not give favourable results if the 10th house is vacant. The natal is advised to serve the parents and feed 10 blind people.

(16) The Sun placed in the I 1th house will give favourable effects only if the person lives a pious life and is a vegetarian. If the person is nonvegetarian and consumes alcohol, Sun shall become furious. The natal may not have any children.

(17) If Jupiter and Ketu are favourable, then the Moon placed in the I 1th house gives favourable results, at least till the natal’s mother is alive.

(18) Jupiter placed in the Lagna is auspicious. The natal is advised to take up the business related to Moon. Business related with Ketu will be beneficial for children. Venus is favourable for business to his wife but if the occupation is related to Sun he shall prosper and emerge as victor.

(19) If Jupiter is placed in the 6th house and Ketu is unfavourable, it is advisable to take up the remedy for Ketu.

(20) Saturn does not give evil effects in the 10th house but in case there is unfavourable effect the person should take up remedies to please Jupiter.

(21) If Mars gives evil effects one must keep ivory or anything made of ivory in the house,

Diseases Caused Due to the Combination of  Planets

Jupiter + Rahu or Jupiter + Asthma, RespiratoryKetu ailment, Tuberculosis
Rahu + Ketu Piles
Moon + Rahu Insanity, Pneumonia
Sun+ Venus Asthma, Respiratory
ailment, Tuberculosis
Mercury + Jupiter Asthma, Respiratory
ailment, Tuberculosis
Mars + Saturn Leprosy, Blood related
disease, Weight loss
Venus + Rahu Impotency 0
Venus + Ketu Disease related to Ketu, Nightfall
Jupiter + Mars (debilitated) Jaundice
Sun + Saturn  Jaundice