Kundlihelper is the first unit of Horoscope-India.com. Online Astrologer Ashok Prajapati answer the questions on Kundlihelper. Ashok Prajapati is experienced & talented Astrologer of Chandigarh, Punjab.

He is dedicated to the Kundlihelper.com and our online queries. Since he is already assigned a lot of work, Dr. Bal Kishan Sharma help him to manage both website’s and visitors.

But we have still thousands of queries daily which we cannot answer. We are increasing our team and we have planned at least one Astrologer of Horoscope-India.com in each and every city of India.

The work is going on and we are just in search of talented Astrologers who can handle critical situations.
For now we have only 5 Astrologers in different cities.

Moreover we are also planning to open Free Astrology Education program. All we need your love and blessings of God to serve people free and just free.

Thanks & enjoy